Internship Blog: First Posting 

As the semester begins, yet again, I have decided to seek out an internship to supplement my academic experience. This fall I, Nic Day, have begun interning as a production assistant at NAHB Production Group. In order to gain some real world experience before graduation rolls around, whats better than working in your career field of choice and getting academic credit for it? While it can be difficult to juggle school, work, and an internship, like me, it is nonetheless a worth wile endeavor. After only three days, I have already begun transcribing footage for shows on the DIY  & HGTV networks, helped write scripts for webisodes, and ran a teleprompter on a shoot using green-screen. While I do not expect to be on a shoot everyday, I learned a lot from simply being present and helping out. With that being said, in this particular internship, and most others, unpaid, or paid, one often finds themselves doing “basic tasks,” but should not let that affect your perspective of the workplace. But, your performance while completing these tasks is often how the employer will decide if they want to give you more responsibility, or better opportunities. I have heard it many times before, from teachers, advisors and more, but it is simply the fact of the matter. A rule of thumb to all future interns; you will always have to prove yourself, no matter how good your resume looks.