Introduce Myself Eri Kanda:) 

Hello, My name is Eri Kanda from Kumamoto which is located in southern part of Japan.  I am senior at American University, DC. I am going to graduate coming December, so this is my last semester at AU.  My major is International Studies concentrating on International Development and Asian Studies. I intern at Washington CORE which is Japanese private think tank organization as a research assistant.

I decide to do this blog because this is my first time to do internship in the US, so I want to have little memory for myself. Also I want to motivate other international students to find Internship opportunity during school year because this would be a great experience. Actually, I had very hard time to process of finding intern, but finally I made it this semester! so I hope my blog would motivate you guys and helpful in some ways:) , so every time I would like to write a recommendation.

so here today’s tip is…AU career center. They helped me a lot. They have many resources/information, and great advisors. I really recommend that if  you are interested in internship, you should go to visit AU Career Center!