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  • ro5enrot 5:42 pm on November 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Eighth Week – Green Week: Taking Advantage of Where You Work 

    This is a picture of a random Tavern in Marburg at 3:00 in the morning on my way to Berlin. It happens to be unrelated to this post but next week I’ll talk about my trip there.

    But during Green Week, I had the great opportunity to look through some amazing files! Honestly I couldn’t be happier with the fact that I actually had access to look through some of the cases that the State Department handles on a day to day basis. So I guess what I want to report for this week is to really take advantage of where you work, and ask about what you can access because you’ll be surprised at what you can get your hands on!

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    Seventh Week – Orange Week: Getting Used to it. 

    I didn’t think it would happen but apparently I did – I’m completely adapted into my life here. It feels totally normal and almost routine. Well, not quite routine…

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    Fifth Week – Tan Week: I Wish I Had More To Talk About 

    So I guess I’ll ask you guys, what do you guys want me to talk about? I really can’t say more about my work. What I stated before is the extent of what I do, but soon I’ll be traveling around Germany for claims and such. The guy who is in charge of that is very nice, he’s the same guy who recommended that cold remedy.

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    Fourth Week – Peach Week: Part Two – Back to Reality 

    This marks the end of my fourth week here, and by now I can comfortably say that I feel fully adapted to my surroundings. This will happen to you at one point too during your stay. It’s as though something in your brain will signal to you that this isn’t some vacation and in fact you will be living here for quite some time.

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    Fourth Week – Peach Week: Part One – Oktoberfest 

    So yes, because this internship happens to be a Fall Internship and I’m here in Germany, I decided to take a weekend trip to Munich to catch the 200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest”. Hopefully through this report I can show you the do’s and don’t’s of off-handed weekend trips that you will probably take on your foreign (or even domestic) internship.

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    Third Week – Lime Week: All Work and No Play? 

    This is not where I work as a matter of fact, this is called the “Boerse” or Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange building. They offer tours in German and English, and I went on the German one and my friend translated the words I didn’t know. That’s the benefit of making friends off the get-go, they really help with the transition culturally and language wise.

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    Second Week – Blue Week: Getting Out There 

    This was on my way to the Hauptbahnhof. I had to walk from that little dot that says “Miquel Adickesallee” all the way there. What do you need to get out of this? Buy a bus ticket nice and early. They usually have deals for students. I spent 60 Euro for a month, and that covers trains and buses in Frankfurt.

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    • FB 2:21 am on September 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      This is really cool. I used to go to Trier when I was a little girl living in Bittburg. Good point about time management (school, fun, and laundry) and budgeting!

      • ro5enrot 6:35 am on October 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Trier was so pretty when I went, there was this carnival and apparently some really important people came to it! But unfortunately we couldn’t stay long. Just enough to grab some really interesting pictures!

        And yes, I thought I was good at time management before, but living out here where every minute counts has definitely taught me an additional thing or two!

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    First Week – Pink Week: It Starts. 

    After I received my Security Clearance (word of advice – always tell the truth) I eventually received my okay to go and therefore I booked my flight. Depending on where you are going or who you are working for, I would say it’s best to first find out if your agency is ready for you before booking your flight. You do not want to arrive in a foreign country where no one is expecting you; it’s scary and a waste of money if you need to rent a place for more than you were willing to stay.

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    • lara 8:44 pm on September 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      great photos! look forward to following your adventures in frankfurt

      • ro5enrot 6:36 am on October 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks! I really do appreciate my readers! I’ll try to reply to comments as quickly as I can but since I literally have to walk a half mile to get to my wifi place it might take a while… but I appreciate my comments I really do!

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    Prologue: I’m Actually Doing This 

    As a forward to all of my readers, I want to thank you for your visit and hopefully though this experimental blog I can educate you about Overseas Internships as I myself will be learning many things over here in Frankfurt, Germany. Some of these lessons I had to learn the hard way, so hopefully you won’t have to!

    I guess I will start from the beginning. Back in May when I graduated from my undergraduate institution at McDaniel College, I had a snippet in their “Cheers 2010” that I had been accepted into American University’s School of International Service and that I also had been accepted for a State Department Internship in Germany almost at the same time. The number one question I received after said snippet was published was, “How did you get both?”

    And to be quite honest, I simply applied.

    One lesson I learned from many professors, my mother, and fellow peers is perseverance. I can not tell you how many applications I sent out to agencies who were posting available internships . I actually sent in my resume to the State Department for their Summer Program and got rejected. Only when I reapplied for their Fall program did I get a hit.

    I was informed that my ability to speak German and my involvement in McDaniel’s German American Day stuck out to the coordinators selecting the interns for the Fall Program. They also liked the fact that I was furthering my Education by seeking an MA in International Communication. So kudos to McDaniel and American University’s School of International Service” for their part in getting me this amazing gig.

    However I myself also worked incredibly hard to make sure that I was a shoe-in for this Internship. And one important detail to take note of is contact. Because you don’t want to have too much of it, but too little of it could end the deal. That’s why I ultimately chose Frankfurt because they were the number one place who kept clear and direct contact with me. So make sure that not only you keep contact with your given agency, but they keep contact with you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always check your email daily (maybe even twice a day).

    All pictures belong to Theresa Stromberg and may not be used outside of this blog without permission.

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