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  • Amber 5:29 pm on November 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Learning more about Cision 

    This week, I learned more about media lists.  On Monday, I used Cision to assist in updating one of our older media lists, and then afterward I started assisting in creating a media list for an aviation solutions company for a media event.  Using Cision can be tricky at times, because it loads rather slowly, and it isn’t always easy to narrow down the types of media for which you’re looking.  Different events require different media outlets, whether it is based on the industry, the location or the type of publication.  However, once I got the hang of it, it seemed rather efficient to just click “add contact” and then automatically export the list to Excel.  That’s definitely helpful.

    Today I spent the majority of the morning assisting in calling contacts on a media list for an upcoming campaign to support a client that specializes in eye tracking.  While it is easy to simply read a script to an answering machine, I found that dealing with a live person may sometimes be difficult.  Many people are not interested in the story that you’re trying to pitch or explain if it does not relate to the field of their publication.  All in all, it’s a learning experience and proves to be good practice in dealing with editors and other members of the media.

    Currently I am drafting a web brief for a data management company.  As I write more press releases and web briefs, I am noticing improvement in my Public Relations writing skills.

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    Learning about Media Lists and Media Alerts 

    This week I learned about writing media alerts by helping to draft a media advisory for an aviation solutions company.  I also helped draft some news briefs for a local DC bank, and started a press release for a research company that specializes in counter-terrorism .  All in all, it’s been a lot of writing that has kept me busy.

    I’ve also helped research and start drafts of more social media posts for one of our client’s facebook and twitter accounts, which deal with news about the latest electronics, appliances and sports equipment.  According to the latest in electronics and gadgets, the new MacBook Air is here and it’s fabulous, the Athletic Propulsion Lab Concept 1 sneaker that gives you 3.5 inches more vertical lift with its unique spring system is BANNED from the NBA, Toshiba has created a solar powered E-reader, and Panasonic’s 3D HD TV has been rated the best of the best.

    Basically, my internship has been involving a lot of research mixed with writing.  I’m currently working on helping to start a media list through Cision for regional and state publications.

    What I have learned in the public relations world, however is that the development and planning time required in press announcements is considerable and sometimes materials take weeks to approve

    On a completely irrelevant note, the maintenance man stopped in today and announced that they had extra flowers and nicely gave my desk a delightful potted plant.  I guess it brightens up the office a bit 🙂

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    Learning about Fact Sheets and Blogs 

    This week I had the chance to do a lot more writing.  I helped start drafts for two press releases, and once they are published, I can hopefully add them to my portfolio, which is always a plus 🙂

    I also helped update a fact sheet for a client that specializes in eye-tracking technology with information about its products.   Learning about this company’s products is quite interesting.  It’s really amazing what can be done with that sort of technology.  For example, the latest eye-tracking technology is helping drivers who might fall asleep at the wheel to stay awake by noticing when the eyelid closes and alerting the driver to wake up and stay alert.

    What I enjoyed most about this week was helping to start a draft of a blog for a company that deals with extended warranties for certain products, because it allows for more creativity.  The company’s blog gives tips about taking care of or protecting electronics, jewelry, appliances, etc with extended warranties.  It also gives recommendations and reviews of the new and best electronics.  The post I assisted with has not yet been published, but expect to see it on the page soon!

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    Learning More About Press Releases 

    I am getting some great experience  helping to draft press releases.  I have already assisted with two for an aviation solutions company and one for a company dealing with extended warranties for electronics and other gadgets.  Assisting with release drafts is one aspect of my internship I enjoy doing more than researching, since I am able to be a bit more creative.

    While researching for social media posts today, I found out that Verizon is finally partnering with Apple to release the iPhone 4! Too bad I don’t use Verizon or have an iPhone…..

    Some other noteworthy facts I found while researching gadgets: there may soon be a cell phone that can charge off your body heat.

    Nintendo is launching a Wii system in bright red to celebrate SuperMario’s 25th anniversary!

    There is a new concept hot tub that is designed to never spill, because it descends into the floor.

    Other than that, today has been filled with more research, helping the team build media lists and formatting press clips for client reports.

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    Potluck Thursday 

    Today is Potluck day at my internship! Everyone brought in something delicious for lunch and my two supervisors are just swarming around the kitchen area waiting to eat.  I contributed homemade mac and cheese, so hopefully everyone likes it!

    Last Thursday I was able to sit in on an interesting meeting.  A representative from a company that creates publications for the military and its surrounding audiences came in to discuss working with us on advertising for one of our clients.  The representative showed many options for ways to advertise  including posters, hologram stickers, pressure-sensitive stickers, belly-bands and inserts.  They are also offering a new product called webcasts, which are more interactive for the consumer.  Overall, it was an interesting meeting, because I was able to learn and see how advertising combines with Public Relations.

    One of my more regular tasks has been helping to research and start drafting social media posts for one of our clients that provides extended warranties for electronics, lawn and gym equipment and jewelry.  I research new gadgets and devices on websites like engagdetcnet and dvice to post on its facebook page.  It can be pretty interesting, because I’m not very tech savvy and would probably not know about things like the robot window washer or the dawn stimulating alarm clock if I didn’t read these sites.

    Today I also helped being a draft of a press release for client in the aviation industry.   I will say that my Public Relations writing class has prepared me well in writing press releases.  Thanks Professor Melillo!

  • Amber 7:12 pm on October 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The First Few Weeks at Focused Image 

    I’m a senior in the School of Communication at American University majoring in Public Communication and French. My past internships have been with Linda Roth Associates, a small hospitality-based Public Relations firm and the Washington Post Express in the fashion/beauty/home/food section.

    This semester, I am interning at Focused Image Inc, an award winning marketing communications firm in the Greater Washington area that specializes in branding, marketing and public relations. They represent a variety of clients in industries including aerospace, defense, energy, government services, retail, financial services and technology.

    As I learn more about the companies, the one I have found to be the most interesting is a technology company that specializes in eye-tracking. You might be thinking, “What is eye-tracking?”  That’s what I first questioned. Basically the company manufactures special glasses that can track a consumer’s eye movements to study what image first draws them to a product.  Which product on a website or in a store aisle will attract a consumer’s eyes first? Eye tracking records that and determines consumer interests.

    I chose this internship because it is something much different than the two communications internships I have had before. I previously worked at a boutique style PR firm that worked with hotels, restaurants and other companies in the hospitality industry.  Hopefully this internship will give me a chance to learn about other important industries in and around DC.

    This is my third week at Focused Image, and I have been researching a lot about the clients and their media coverage. However, I do hope improve my writing skills by taking on other responsibilities such as drafting press releases, media alerts, etc.

  • Pinkie 3:51 pm on March 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey Folks, My internship still continues to excite me. I have been working on creating a internal Wikipedia for my work place which would be a one stop solution to find all documents. A very good learning curve for me as I try to master the formats and tags to turn this project into reality.

    It’s a huge leap forward and my colleagues appreciate my determination to make this happen. I am sure this will avoid bottlenecks in terms of retrieving documents at the quintessential minute. Hopefully, people would be self sufficient to browse and find what they want at the click of a mouse. This makes one appreciate the fact that technology has become an indispensable part of life and plays a crucial role in the betterment of the quality of our lives.

    Looking forward to more such exciting and challenging projects which will make a difference!

  • Pinkie 12:32 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Its’ been a fantabulous week. I have been working on another interesting project which involves digitizing our documents on the intranet. The objective of this project is to help the staff easily search and navigate the documents online, in electronic format. Voila, we succeeded after a long tirade.

    It’s always amazing to see how technology can transform lives and improve the quality of work. I am glad that I played an active part in this initiative and I am sure it is a milestone to reckon. Stay tuned as I share more interesting stuff!

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