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  • Kristine Untalan 3:37 pm on September 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Protip: Don’t take it personally. 

    This is probably the best advice I’ve had to keep in mind not only for my internship, but for any moment in life. (The second best advice? “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” Something I learned my first day in Reporting class…I’m obsessed with the phrase now.)

    Constructive criticism in the newsroom isn’t unheard of — I’ve seen instances of mild arguments in the morning from the most unlikely people — and I think that I’ve had my own moments where I was really embarrassed or ashamed when I did something wrong and had to go correct my problem. My pride gets the best of me, but at the end of the day it’s not that your supervisor (or anyone else) thinks you’re doing a half-assed job and hates you for it. They’re trying helping you out.

    While typing out a new guideline for the incoming interns, I couldn’t help but stress that they shouldn’t sweat any problems they had…something I wish I’d done in the early stages of my internship.

    Lesson: It’s not worth it to stress yourself out over nothing! Never take it personally.

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    How exactly can one say “Thank You”…? 

    I was going to e-mail this question to Felicia as my Very Last Day at WUSA9 is rapidly approaching, but I figured this could possibly turn into a good AU Intern Blog discussion. So readers, here’s the million dollar question:

    How should I go about thanking my employers for a wonderful summer internship?

    Sounds easy enough, right? No. I’ve been over thinking it. I’ve googled this idea to death, and still can’t pick out a decent way to say, “Hey, thanks morning news team!” While I appreciate the nice sentiment that employers felt at times, saying they should have been the ones giving their interns gifts, I don’t find that completely necessary. I would like to fully extend my thanks to not only my supervisor(s), but the people I’ve been chatting with in the wee hours of the morning for the past three months.

    Things I’ve ruled out:

    • Sending a mass e-mail to the entire newsroom.

    Things I’m not against:

    • Baked goods.
    • Thank you notes.

    Don’t think that I’ve forgotten the power of an old-fashioned hand-written thank you note — I’m definitely on top of that.

    So if you have any tips, suggestions, or examples of previous attempts that were either successful or a complete failure…I just want to hear them all! I give you my thanks. 😛

    • FB 2:32 pm on August 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Notes are always appreciated. So are baked goods. A mass email in addition to all that with your contact information might not be a bad idea, too. Then the handwritten notes make people feel even more special.

    • Tanya 3:47 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Handwritten notes are awesome — it’s what I always did. By the end of my last internship, I got a simple gift for each of my supervisors (2), something typical from my home country. It was quite perfect :o)

      I agree with the poster above re: Mass email for heads-up on your contact info. It’s customary. Special more detailed emails can be sent to others in addition. Our interns here bought doughnuts on their last day, it was nice. We had a BBQ for them a few days earlier. It was also nice!

      Good luck!

  • Kristine Untalan 8:11 pm on August 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Moving Up and Onward. 

    Continuing on my trend of being busy within the past month, I’ve had numerous opportunities to check out different sides of DC that I hardly encounter. To say that isn’t too much of a stretch — I am always on the go in this city and try to find lots of free, fun new things to do when I can — but these events definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.

    I was asked to go to an event at a doctor’s office in Glover Park, just down Wisconsin Ave. and to be honest, I was terrified. Even though I had brought a friend along, nerves got the best of me and I had no idea what to do. These are the kinds of moments where you have to look at yourself and go, “Would you mind if you had a camera in your face at this event?” I usually don’t, and after warming up with the crowd for a bit, I felt more comfortable with recording and taking photos just as the guests were willing to pose for me.

    The same goes for an event in Georgetown; I was asked to cover an event for a fundraiser at the bar George, and while the crowd was considerably younger (where I felt at ease immediately), I wasn’t sure who to photograph where. But after finally diving in head first, we had gotten great footage of people we needed to interview…and had an amazing night afterwards.

    Which kind of lead me to realize that I overthink things sometimes. And when you’re trying to get the best information, sometimes you just have to stop thinking and start doing. In those moments, I found I had the best work. (Even better – the footage turned into a great story.)

    After asking Angie if she was okay with my putting her down as a recommendation for future opportunities, she sent me an email suggesting that I should try to apply for the station’s Metromix division (which focuses on local parties and events), as they are currently hiring for freelance writers. That’s when it really hit me: I kind of enjoyed doing those things. I kind of want to keep doing it. I kind of would really enjoy getting paid to write about it. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

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    Where has the time gone? (No, but seriously…) 

    It’s August already?! Didn’t I just start this internship last week, or something? This summer has been nothing but a blur in my mind — even more so these last three weeks. I apologize for the lack of posts, but I’ve been honestly busy. From my bed to the newsroom to working part-time to the countless events, I realize I am at the height of my summer and it’s all very stressful and enthralling at the same time.

    I had the opportunity to go out and follow the 9 News Now morning show’s field reporter, and while I spent a lot of down-time in the news van, I think I probably learned a good deal about the ups and downs of broadcast from her. I couldn’t think about anything else for the rest of the day, and it gave me some real insight into what I definitely do and do not want in my life and career. Funny how such random occurrences leave you so inspired sometimes, isn’t it?

    The thing that sticks out in my mind is that I’m comfortable in my element. Someone had asked me about my experience in broadcast and I had mentioned my previous work in high school and beyond, to which they replied, “…oh, it won’t stop. Once you get that bug…” and it’s only beginning to grow more rapidly.

    At the moment I’m researching some new potential internships for the fall, which is nerve-wracking, but I’m thinking positively. Wish me luck!

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    I’ve been having a lot of fun these past few weeks — even more so with some projects out of what I normally do while in the newsroom (videos/newsmaker/editing), which I really enjoyed.

    My mentor Angie has been working on some stories for distracted driving within the DMV area and I’ve been helping out with the research — namely, laws from each area (and they are severely different) and other things to report on from a local angle. That segment came out great. I had completely forgotten about this promotion, but Sprint and the Do Something project are backing the anti-distracted driving movement by providing thumb socks to stop people from texting, which is brilliant — and possibly the next story she’ll work on. Fingers crossed (no thumbs though)!

    I’ve also been volunteering with DC Metromix (affiliated with WUSA9) for the DC’s Hottest 5 concert series at some local bars. It’s been a great experience to do the more gritty work of live events from a promotional point of view, and I’ve been able to listen to some great music and meet some great people in the process. While I don’t think party/event promoting is in my future, it made me reminisce of my high school tv production days of pulling dirty cables around.

    ALSO: I have my own blog post on Angie’s site! Small accomplishment, but seeing the ‘By Kristine Untalan, Special to OMG’ is still pretty cool.

    Behind the cut are some photos from the event! Clicky clicky! (More …)

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    Downtime Thoughts. 

    Angie had some matters to attend to, so I was able to get the rest of my week off. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I shrugged off my internly duties! I still went through a lot of emails and went about adding Facebook requests for her in the meantime — but instead of being in the newsroom, I’d be at Starbucks (possibly looking like a yuppie stealing some wi-fi. Oh well!).

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to the Charm opening event like I had mentioned in my previous post, but once I get another event covered I’ll definitely post about it.

    The more I do these things, the more I honestly forget that I’m not getting paid to do any of it. I realize that this might be an important factor to someone considering getting an internship in the first place, but seeing as how a majority of internships are unpaid, interns understand what they’re getting themselves into. I’m still getting shocked faces when I tell people I work at 3:30 in the morning. I imagine that they’d be saying things like, “Girl, you crazy!” in their heads but again, why should something you honestly enjoy doing even be doubted in your mind?! I’m a firm believer in doing what you love, but if you’re ever caught in a moment where you’re second-guessing something…you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Trial and error, friends. Trial and error.

    That being said, I’m happy to be back in the newsroom again on Monday morning. Seriously!

  • Kristine Untalan 11:30 pm on June 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Control Rooms, Reporting, and Coffee – Oh My! 

    Here’s a nice change of pace: Angie wants her interns to branch out and see how things work while having access to a newsroom and studio, so I was able to sit in the Control Room for the last 20 minutes of the 9 News Now morning show. I had done some similar things in high school, but the one thing I underestimated in an actual broadcast was the heavy attention to detail. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of screens, timers, graphic displays and sound buttons being changed and pressed second by second — to be quite honest, I didn’t even know where to look most of the time — but you begin to appreciate how much work goes in to those three or four minutes spent trying to make a morning newscast run effortlessly. I know writing the script can be difficult but it would fall flat without a good setup, and the WUSA control room has definitely got it under control.

    Next Tuesday, I finally get to go out into the field (and by field, I mean Georgetown) and do some “reporting” of my own for Angie’s local segment of Oh My Goff called “Angie’s Army”. While having the chance to write entertainment news is fun and surprisingly challenging once in a while, I think that the ‘local’ news is a huge part of what makes Angie’s segment so popular…viewers send in recent happenings that bring awareness to things going on in the DC metro area, and gets people interested and pro-active as well.

    Since I frequent M Street on a regular basis I’ll be attending an opening party for ‘Charm’, a jewelry boutique that recently opened and get the chance to interview the store owner, Jaclyn. I’ll let you know how that goes.

    But the best part of my day was finally going through that “Intern Rite of Passage”… I did a coffee run today. Yeah, I know — I took down orders and everything. And despite Angie being extremely apologetic, reminiscent of her times interning at DC101 and doing 5am cigarette runs for Elliot (of ‘Elliot in the Morning’), I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that even associating interns as “coffee runners” seems so passé now; I’m not bothered by the idea by any means because coffee is coffee. As an intern, I don’t define myself by the stuff I’m told to do – I define myself by the quality of my work and efficiency in my actions, and they see the effort I’m putting into this internship…so it’s nothing at all. However, I draw the line at getting actual breakfast. (Kidding!)

    Until next week…!

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    Television, Television 

    It’s been a pretty amazing first four weeks of my internship at W-USA9. In a short time span, I’ve become at ease with being in the newsroom (something I was afraid of pre-internship) and have developed a routine for myself in order to get the more important parts of my day finished before the morning show is over. I got over my “timid intern” phase very fast and I almost feel like I’m working with peers. So far, so good.

    A misconception of the newsroom would probably be that it’s constantly busy, even in the morning. I had always expected it to be full of people just typing away and writing up news reports every minute — cut the number to about under 20 people total (most of them working on the more technical aspect of the show) and an empty newsroom and you’ve got yourself the morning news crew. Anchors don’t have stylists and makeup artists – they do it themselves – and despite the fact that they’re on television, they’re surprisingly normal…which is really humbling. Angie‘s been a great mentor and is insanely down to earth, and I’m thankful for being able to work so closely with her because it helps me understand how morning anchors work on a better level.

    I think the major part of what makes this internship work for me is that I’ve wanted to be in broadcast since I was about 10 or 11. I also had doubts about this job pre-internship, wondering if I would end up hating the television station, the actual internship and — gasp! — journalism in general. If anything, it’s only affirmed that broadcast is what I want to do with my life and where I want to be in a little under five years. Now that I’ve got that figured out, I hope I can slowly figure out what exactly appeals to me most about this profession. Luckily I’ve got two more months, a ton of entertainment blurbs to write, and a lot of coffee to consume. Let’s do this.

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    Hi, internet! 

    Hey everyone! I’m the newest AU intern blogger and for the most part, I have no idea what I’m doing. However, I’ll just pretend…for now.

    Some information about myself: I’m Kristine and in SOC majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Cinema Studies (which is funny, because I haven’t seen that many films. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to shoot some my way). I’m coming back from a year-long school hiatus so my writing skills might be a little rusty, but I’m still really excited to start blogging about my summer internship.

    I’m currently an intern at the W-USA 9/CBS television station less than a mile away, working under morning anchor/traffic announcer Angie Goff. My list of duties includes writing short blurbs on entertainment news to have Angie report on air, editing clips for the segment, editing Angie’s segment after she’s on air, and then doing a bit of checking her Facebook and email for any events sent in by viewers. Angie’s very involved within the DC area and reaches out to people through social media outlets, so it’s kind of amazing to see all of this happen…

    …at 3:30 in the morning. For the next fourteen weeks. (My current mantra: The news never sleeps.)  Either way, I’m really loving the experience and I can’t wait to find out what these early mornings have in store for me. See you soon!

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